How to Determine the Success of an Event

How to Determine the Success of an Event

For the guests to attend an event is about enjoying and make the best of their time at that certain period of the event being held. When it is over, they just get off and come back to their home bringing the memory of their pleasant or even the unpleasant one.

But when the event is over, when everybody off, that is come the crucial time for the organizer. Organizers work not yet finished when the show is over, they still need to assess their work. Whether it is resulting in a good way or in a bad way.

Talking on the result, we should have certain indicator that could be measure with the tangible result and something that not debatable. Here are metrics that will determine the success on an event

Attendee numbers

Numbers is something that most likely to be questioned as a result. The use of RFID/ NFC system at the event industry would be helpful to minimize the human error. Things to count is not just the attendee that check in on the event, but to the equation from them who is register but not coming.

Website traffic and Social media numbers

No longer we need to count one by one who post or engage to our social media or coming to our website, the technology helps us to give the significant number of it. As the current trend of social media user, the social media engagement during the event on the form of likes, share, post, tag user generated content and all the social media thingy would be determined how the guests enjoy the event.


Knowing how much the guests feel satisfied during the event could be measured not only through manual survey but also by a lot of interesting survey method. A certain thing we need to know is their feedback, the real data that would be useful to design the next event.


The final indicator the success of an event obviously the ROI, return on investment. Another number that would be undoubtedly being questioned if the number comes in on the bigger equation than the previous number we spend.

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